Work, Professional Assn & Education

Work, Professional Assn

Contracts and assignments are invited for:

  • Writing and editing technical articles/research-based articles/documentation of: architectural, interior and construction projects; architects and professionals related to the industry; materials and products; trends and developments in architecture and design.
  • Research and documentation on subjects related to the architectural/design field.
  • Consultancy for architectural and interior magazines/journals/portals/websites/books/monographs/design award entries (text and layouts)
  • Conducting audio-visual interviews of professionals from the architectural/design fraternity.
  • Delivering of audio-visual presentations in conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Reporting on the proceedings of architectural conferences/ symposiums/ seminars/ awards/workshops/exhibitions.
  • Coordinating, organising, scripting and hosting events related to the architectural, design and construction sectors. Taking on responsibilities of working as the media advisor or consultant for such events.
  • Working on newsletters/brochures for firms connected to the building industry.
  • Architectural and Interior photography.
  • Making documentaries on architectural-related themes.

Professional Affiliations

Member: Council of Architecture (COA)
Associate Member: Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)
Associate Member: Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)

Presently working as a freelancer and have contributed
to the following magazines & journals/portals & websites/newspapers:

  • Archi Times, Pakistan
  • Architecture+Interiors, Pakistan
  • Sleeper Magazine, UK
  • Il Giornale dell’Architettura, Italy
  • Designers’ Style, Pakistan
  • Architecture+Design, India
  • Domus India, India
  • Design Detail, India
  • mondo*arc india, India
  • INSITE, India
  • Design Matrix, India
  • Inside Outside, India
  • Better Interiors, India
  • Home Review, India
  • Society Interiors, India
  • NBM & CW, India
  • MGS Architecture, India
  • Architect & Interiors India, India
  • Architectural Update, India
  • Architecture Time Space & People, India
  • CW Interiors, India
  • Indian Design & Interiors, India
  • Home dressings, India
  • Livingetc, India
  • Buildotech, India
  • Elevator World India, India
  • Washrooms and Beyond, India
  • Window & Facade Magazine, India
  • Construction World, India
  • L’avenir Elevator Digest, India
  • IFJ Magazine, India
  • Times of India, Bangalore, India
  • Deccan Herald, Bangalore, India
  • Images Retail, India
  • JetWings, India (In-flight magazine of Jet Airways)
  • Discover India, India
  • Swagat, India (In-flight magazine of Indian Airlines)
  •, UK
  •, US
  •, US
  •, UK
  •, Indonesia
  •, Singapore
  •, Canada
  •, India
  •, India
  •, India
  •, India

     Additional Collaborations

  • Academic Board Member; Terrafirm – Global Academy of Design & Innovation, Kochi

     Former Employment

  • Senior Architectural Assistant, ‘Architecture+Design’;
    Media Transasia India Ltd Publication
  • Senior Writer, heading editorial team at Delhi, ‘Indian Architect & Builder’ and ‘I-structure’; Jasubhai Media Publication
  • Sub Editor, ‘Indian Design & Interiors’;
    Media Transasia India Ltd Publication
  • Indian Correspondent, ‘Archi Times’; Arch Press
  • Indian Correspondent, ‘Architecture + Interiors’; Arch Press
  • Bangalore Correspondent, ‘Livingetc’; Images Consumer Media Pvt Ltd
  • Contributing Editor, ‘INSITE’; Akar Infomedia Pvt Ltd
  • Features Editor, ‘NBM &CW’; NBM Media Pvt Ltd
  • Features Editor, ‘MGS Architecture’; NBM Media Pvt Ltd
  • Features Editor, ‘Taburn’
  • Editor, Penetron India Private Limited Newsletter
  • Editor, Canvas—newsletter of Sonear Industries Ltd
  • Contributing Editor, All About Architects
  • Content Partner, Saint-Gobain India Limited
  • Content Partner, Glazette
  • In-house writer, VBT Consortium, Bengaluru
  • Architecture & Design Content Partner; Saint-Gobain India Pvt Limited – Glass Business