Vox Populi

I attended your awe-inspiring talk at Acharya Institutes during Zonasa 2016, regarding the horizons of the arena of Architectural Journalism, and it was utterly moving to me. I was floored by your insight into something I’ve been waiting for my entire career perhaps. A woman of your calibre, making such a staunch mark in a field so unexplored is overwhelming.  I strive to be a molecule of all your excellence.

Lavanya Chopra, Bengaluru

I read your articles and learn from them. The way you have fought towards making architecture journalism a vital subject is commendable and has given inspiration to many students as well. I am grateful to you for your efforts.

Tanwi Patel, Raipur

It is really exciting to know that there is an actual architectural journalist, and it is inspiring to see that you really persevere to build a career as an architectural journalist. Thank you for being an inspiration for me.

Dini Kusumawardhani, Indonesia

I went through your website and I sure am inspired by everything you have achieved. It is really amazing how you have reached where you are right now. You are truly an inspiration.

Irfan Haider, New Delhi

I deeply admire the accolades and achievements that you have earned for yourself in the field, creating a niche and inspiring budding architects like myself.

Avneet Lobana, Gurgaon

I have to say that I am superbly impressed with your achievements and the journey you have gone through. Your vast experience and knowledge in architectural journalism has inspired me to venture into this field. Because, so far, I have never seen any people like you in my country.

Hazique, Malaysia

I am very taken in by your work and articles regarding architecture journalism. You are an inspiring figure in this front for people who want to link their passion for design with the written word.

Niharika Sanyal, Ahmedabad

I have been considering a stint in architectural journalism and your name seemed to be the most prolific one all over Google while I was looking for a role model to follow.

Dhanya Rajagopal, Chennai

I have constantly been on the lookout for architectural journalists, but most of the time, I have not been lucky enough to find such people. You defy that category, and come across as an example of someone who has paved her own way in this field.

Vinay Varanasi, Bangalore

You have always and will always be my mentor in this field. I totally want to congratulate you on your accomplishments, and I think you are doing some awesome and thought-provoking work. You are doing an incredible job in spreading the awareness and also bringing justice to the religion we follow—’architecture’, by giving it its due importance and share in media.

Shweta Kailani, US

I read your document about architecture and journalism online. Am so glad I came across it because it has given me so much insight about what I really want to do.

Boatemaa Oti, Ghana-West Africa

Let me thank you for relaying your architectural journalism experience and message so succinctly and with such candor. It is genuinely appreciated and has already inspired me.

Branden Schwab, US

I absolutely love the articles you’ve written. It was like a sigh of relief to find someone doing something I have been sub-consciously intending to do but without any direction.

Nandini, Pune

I am a keen reader of your articles. This realm of architectural journalism is new to architecture in India, and I must say you are on your way to becoming an idol of this field. Keep going strong.

Shahzad Ahmad Malik, Dehradun

Your article on architectural journalism was concise and inspiring. It was perhaps the most insightful thing on the internet on architecture.

Sydney, Canada

Thank you dear Apurva, thank you a million times!
A few days ago, I found your article on architectural journalism, and it spoke right to my innermost being. Owing to your article on architectural journalism I finally know how to marry my passions of writing and architecture to each other.

Amanda Gabathuler, Switzerland

Ma’am, in my research on architecture journalism, your name was the most prominent I found in this
field. I’m greatly influenced by the depth of your articles and would very much like to follow in your footsteps.

Satvik Gupta, Hamirpur

Gone through your article about architectural journalism on rediff, and immediately started penning down to you. I really congratulate you and admire you for bringing to light this subject and encouraging prospective writers to take up this field. The line you dropped, “Architecture is less about design of buildings and more about people’s attitude” particularly impressed me.

Shubhranshu Upadhyay, Bhopal

It’s great to see someone who has the courage to pursue the career you have chosen. You obviously love what you do, and I wish you all the best!

Karthik Jayachandran, California

I read an article you had written about architectural journalism. It was a wonderful and a very informative piece to read, and encouraged me to take a look into the field.  You seemed very passionate about the field.

Arsh Chaudhary, Pakistan

I am writing foremost to thank you for giving me the insight that the prospect of such a career in architecture is achievable in any sense. I cannot identify more with your comment that on starting a degree in architecture, we are naive to what we may want in life.

Nikki McVeigh, UK

After googling ‘architectural journalism’, your article was the first thing that popped up. I found it to be a breath of fresh air and after reading your piece I’ve become inspired to go for it!

Emma Price, UK

I came across your article extolling the virtues of Architecture journalism and how much you enjoy following your passion. I was greatly inspired by the interesting read and would request you to advice me on pursuing the same.

Ekta Prasad, New Delhi

Your article is seriously a great motivation for all such people who want to get involved in this field.

Kalyani, Mumbai

It is relieving to read your career journey as an architectural journalist. Thank you for your inspirational writing.

Feby Dwi Hani, Indonesia

I must say that I’m really glad to have read the article on architectural journalism and  am really hoping to get in touch with you.

Teh Rafeah, Malaysia

Your article has been very helpful as I could not find anybody, who has taken this line as their career to guide me.

Bela Rao, Aurangabad

Your article has been a real ray of hope.

Vedanti Kelkar, Mumbai

Saw this article on your perspective about architectural journalism, and I was quite captivated with your opinion. You are definitely right when you mentioned that there are no readily available resource or mentor that you can turn to for architectural journalism.

Sharon de Guzman, Singapore

I happened to find your website and through which, your works in the field of architectural journalism. Salutes and praises to you Ma’am. You are enormously huge and cannot be quantified in terms of your achievements.

Arun Shankar M, Coimbatore