The Journey


Exciting, captivating, creative, knowledgeable and passion-driven: that is how I would like to sum up my journey of some interesting years in architectural journalism. Those six months during my final year in my Bachelors of Architecture when I took up architectural journalism as my elective, were the decisive months which have led me to be here. My undergraduate thesis also revolved around the finding of a new concept of architectural schools, which helped me dwell more into the roots of architecture and feel encouraged to write about it.

Architectural writing which is an established profession in global markets is now inching its way to become a mainstream profession in India, with publication houses, online portals and design organisations seeking professionals skilled in both the fields of architecture and writing.  From times of being unexplored and unknown, its grown to have carved a special interest in the minds of professionals as well as students connected to the industry. In response to my articles on the subject, the response that I have been getting  from all over the world has been exciting; there are practicing architects (many of them working with reputed firms), real estate consultants, structural engineers, professionals and students from the media and design industry, who want to take up this field, but due to lack of knowledge and exposure to the subject, are scared to take the plunge. (Vox Populi)

The field is not easy but if one has the yearning, the field can be  fascinating and arresting. Architecture as a field is huge, and there is an unrestrained charm of  discovering the many thousands of themes one can write on, in this field.

Writing is my undying passion in life. With my contributions, I hope to be able to bring a little more visibility to the budding and relevant profession of architectural journalism, and raise its pedestal in India. My views on the subject have been assimilated in my published articles. Some of the links are as follows: