Architect B Shashi Bhooshan; Director, BSB Architects, Mysore & Bengaluru
Apurva is one of the finest architectural journalists in India. She had covered two of our projects, and I am very impressed by the coverage. She makes stories with insights and deep understanding of the projects. She has also has the ability to write well and communicate interestingly to the reader.
Scheveran Innovation Centre, Mysore; Inside Outside, May 2015
Residence in Bengaluru; Inside Outside, Sep 2014
Architect Brinda Somaya; Founder, Somaya and Kalappa Consultants (S&K), Mumbai
For many years the biggest lacuna in our profession has been the absence of high quality incisive architectural journalism. We surely lack an 'Ada Louise Huxtable'. I have known Apurva since 2010 when she covered my work in a Pakistan-based architectural journal. This itself indicates her ability to go beyond the safe and well-trodden path. I think what I admire most is her ability to cover a very wide range of architectural writings. This includes journals, magazines, websites and on many varied, yet deeply connected aspects of architecture. I do hope that critical architectural journalism will grow in India supported by people like Apurva. I wish her the very best of luck in the future.
Mumbai Esplanade, Mumbai; Il Giornale dell’Architettura, Italy, July 2012
Zensar Technologies Limited Corporate Campus, Pune ; Architecture+Interiors, July 2011
Architect Christopher Charles Benninger; Founder and Principal Architect, Christopher Charles Benninger Architects, Pune
Apurva has emerged as an important voice in the sphere of Indian architecture in its many facets. She has written a range of insightful, considered and articulate articles on my work, which were well received by a wide audience. She has edited significant journal issues on focussed areas of architectural writing, criticism and comparative approaches to design. I look forward to her continued leadership role in architectural journalism.
Architect Sanjay Mohe; Co-founder and Principal Architect, MINDSPACE Architects, Bengaluru
We at MINDSPACE really like the way you write. You can capture the spirit of the place and bring in a lot of energy.
The Mithila Club, Pune; Design Detail, June 2015
Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad; Architecture+Interiors, Mar 2011
Architect Prem Nath; Chief Executive Officer, Prem Nath & Associates, Mumbai
My association with Apurva dates back to quite a few years now; she is extremely efficient and meticulous in her work. Recently when I was interviewed by her for Archi Times, her quality working and clear-cut homework was very significantly observed. I wish her the best of professional working.
Solarium recreation centre at Delhi; Inhabitat, Feb 2011 
Artist Yusuf Arakkal; Bengaluru
I really appreciate the effort you took to write such a beautiful profile piece on me. A lot has been written on me but I seldom get write-ups like this that highlight the real me and my work.
Profile of Artist Yusuf Arakkal; INSITE, Jan 2014
Architect Jit Kumar Gupta; Chief Town Planner, SPCL and Ex-Director COA, IET-Bhaddal, Ropar
Apurva, let me congratulate you for doing a wonderful job in the domain of promoting the profession of architecture and the role of architects. You richly deserve the honours that you have received, for your commitment, sincerity and focus. In the last few years I have seen you growing and growing, despite the fact that you chose to tread a path which is most uncommon and treaded by the bravest. In addition, I feel your objective writings will also help in improving the quality of built environment. I look at you as the future face of promoter of the profession which few have dared to do through their writings.
Interview of Ar Jit Kumar Gupta; Design Detail, Aug 14–Oct 14
Architect Shalini Misra; Principal Architect, Shalini Misra Limited, London
Many thanks for your superbly written article. The design of our house with so many levels is very complicated and you have written it very well with thorough understanding. You have managed to capture the essence of the house with your queries and your understanding of the details and spaces is impressive. It was wonderful for me to go back in years and think to answer your very thought-provoking questions.
Architects's own residence in London; Better Interiors, May 2011
Architects Lijo Jos and Reny Lijo; Principal Architects, LIJO.RENY.architects, Kerala

Your article on our office is undoubtedly one of the best writings on our work.
Residence in Kerala by LIJO.RENY.architects; Domus India, Apr 2015

The Office Downstairs, Kerala; Inside Outside, July 2013
Architect Aparna Narasimhan; Venkataramanan Associates, Bengaluru
Apurva’s grasp of the intent of any design idea and attention to detail is something that is rare!
Residence in Bengaluru; Better Interiors, Feb 2011
Architect Jasbir Sawhney; Founder & Principal Architect, Jasbir Sawhney & Associates, New Delhi
It is a pleasure to see flowering of professional capability, especially in the architectural world, which is a bit lost nowadays. Well done, and I hope all turns out good in the end.
Architect Dagur Eggertsson; Partner, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Norway
Thank you for the nice article.I like your well-written text. It is in a very nice balance with the architecture.
Box House, Norway; Home Review, Apr 2010
Architect Soumitro Ghosh; Founder & Principal Architect, Mathew & Ghosh Architects Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
Apurva is a writer with insight.Choosing projects that 'need' to be noticed and looking deeply into them...

Interview of Architect Soumitro Ghosh; Design Detail, Apr 2015
Freedom Park, Bengaluru; Architecture+Design, Nov 2009 

Architect S S Bhatti; Chandigarh
You have really captured the essence of the subject matter and put it across convincingly. Your style is lucid.  Your grasp of the diverse material and your ability to express it animatedly are commendable.
Profile of Architect S S Bhatti; INSITE, Sep 2010
Architect Indraneel Dutta; Principal Architect, DKA, Bengaluru
Apurva researches in-depth into the subject and does a personal interview unlike other writers who would call and discuss.' Her articles are up to the point and not lengthy!
Architect Sunil Patil; Founder & Principal Architect, Sunil Patil & Associates, Kolhapur/Pune
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for the attention you have creatively taken to every detail regarding our project – “Wonder Wall”. The content was right to the point. The concept has been expressed the way it was conceived. All the important details have been covered and your architecture vocabulary is simply appreciable.  
Architects Anu and Dilip Nadig; Principal Architects, Nadig Associates, Bengaluru

The write up on the house is fantastic and very professional.  Keenly read every bit of the article and enjoyed working with you on this project.

Residence in Bengaluru by Nadig Associates; Better Interiors, Dec 2014
Architect Parul Mittal; Partner, DADA & Partners, Gurgaon
The coverage of our residence both in terms of the text and images is great! We especially like the clean layout, crisp communication and the simple, elegant graphics. We hope to keep in touch, it's been a pleasure.
Residence of Dada Partners, Gurgaon; Architecture + Interiors, 23rd Issue, Jan 2009
Architect Manjunath Hathwar; Partner, Space Dynamix, Mumbai
Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your great piece on our office in the current issue of Inside Outside magazine. The article is very well-written and presented with flair. Thanks again
Space Dynamix office in Mumbai; Inside Outside, Nov 2011
Architect Deepak Gupta; Director, D+R DESIGN Consultants Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru
It is great to see an architect take up writing and deliver. I strongly feel we need architects in different fields other than architecture. This will serve our profession more than making buildings.
Massage House; Better Interiors, Aug 2009
Architect Ram Joshi; Partner & Founder Principal, Via Design, New Delhi
Just saw the feature on E& Y Office in Better Interiors. I really liked your treatment of the subject. Thanks for a superbly-written interpretation of our work and I look forward to sharing our other works with you.  
Architects Sujith Muralidhar and K Krubhakaran; Principal Architects, The DESIGN FIRM, Bengaluru
Apurva is one of the most competent professionals we have worked with. Her reviews and interviews have been consistently thoughtful, thorough and well written. Most of all they fit the project and matched our vision.

The Sukumar Residence, Bengaluru; Inside Outside, Oct 2011
Sarla Birla Auditorium, Bengaluru; Architect & Interiors India, Feb 2010
The Sonic Office, Bengaluru; Inside Outside, Oct 2009
Architect Sangeet Sharma; Partner Architect, S.D Sharma & Associates, Chandigarh
The overlapping of modes and moods was splendid in the profile on me. None could gather my complex personality so accurately! Many thanks Apurva.    
Architect Prashanth Raj; Principal Architect, Archventure, Bengaluru
The article on the Brookfields house is beautifully written and elegantly featured! Thank you for your efforts and help.
Residence in Bengaluru by ARCHVENTURE; Inside Outside, Feb 2014
Architect Girish Dariyav Karnawat; Founder & Principal Architect, GDK Designs, Mangalore
I really liked the simplicity of your text on the Mobius House.
Mobius House, Goa; Home Review, July 2010
Architect Jitendra Puri; Partner D&D, New Delhi
Thanks for the article on Alstom; it is indeed very good and will help us do more projects like Alstom.
Corporate office of Alstom, Noida; Architect & Interiors India, Nov 2009