Testimonials – Journal of Indian Institute of Architects, Aug 2013

Professor K Jaisim, Bengaluru

Like the festival of creativity, you have created a source of inspiration for this lonely profession caught up in the crowd. The issue is excellent and makes a dominant mark in the annals of IIA journalism.
Architect Sathyaprakash Varanashi, Bengaluru

Congrats Apurva on an unusually intellectual issue for JIIA. How did you manage to get such deep thinkers to write amazes me, and wish you get more such opportunity.
Architect Christopher Benninger, Pune

I was excited to see the wonderful issue of the IIA Journal. It came out very well and will make people think.
Architect Ravindra Bhan, New Delhi

The issue is really a commendable effort. Please keep it up!
Architect Soumitro Ghosh, Bengaluru

Saw the issue recently and enjoyed many parts, especially Gautam Bhatia's honest take (immensely!) - appreciate your commitment and endeavour. Great job!
Architect Anand Prakash, Bengaluru

I saw the issue and was pleasantly surprised. It looked mighty professional and heady with quality articles. Many congratulations!
Architect–Planner Banani Banerjee, Pune

I am writing to thank you for gifting us an intellectually rich issue of IIA journal (August 2013), meticulously edited. I am more happy that being so young you could produce such impressive work. I hope to receive such type of issues in future from you, request you to continue for the sake of our fraternity.